The Wine Stix® Tethers are best suited for 55-59 gallon neutral Barrels. The 8 piece Tether is dosed to give 2nd use barrel flavor and extraction. Great results are being had with contact time between 6 and 10 months. Because of the Wine Stix® milling extractions are quite slow so the monitoring can be more relaxed. It is a fact that in the first 30 days of sticking them in the Barrel that the flavors of the Oak are perceived as coming on strong, don’t panic this is due to the milled shape of Wine Stix® and relaxes quite nicely when being allowed to finish. It takes 2-3 months for the Tether to “Sink” or become wine soaked so allow this time for the complexity to take place.
Great results are being done when the Wine Stix® Tether is put in contact with the wine during or after primary fermentation is done allowing the oak to work during MLF fermentation. After MLF, during the rack or Sur Lie pull the Tether and keeping the wood wet, rinse and scrub as needed and keeping the wood wet, stick em’ back in.