Potency enhancers bright and long-lasting sex

Every man wants a bright and long-lasting intercourse. Sometimes you can take special drugs for this, they increase potency, sex becomes brighter and longer. There are many trade names on the market, and all 4 molecules are sildenafil, tadalafil, vardenafil, udenafil. The latest generation products are based on the active ingredient udenafil. The duration of the effect from udenafil is up to 24 hours and can be taken with alcohol.

How to strengthen an erection?

What drugs will help? Today in the arsenal of urologists there are certified modern drugs that have a targeted effect on increasing potency without causing discomfort. The drugs begin to act within 20-30 minutes after taking sexual stimulation, the effect lasts in different ways, for example, 1 tablet of sildenafil is enough for 4 hours, the effect of udenafil lasts from 12 to 24 hours, tadalafil up to 36.

You don’t have to look at your watch while waiting for the drug to take effect, you don’t have to calculate the permissible interval for repeated use, you don’t have to think about the frequency and duration of intercourse: you are always on alert and confident in your abilities – in the evening and in the morning. Confidence is the key to bright, powerful, unforgettable emotions during sex!

Udenafil preparations have been studied in detail: they do not cause an increase in pressure and heart rate, do not affect visual acuity and color recognition, such drugs can be taken together with alcohol without fear of reducing or completely canceling its action. What is important, drugs based on udenafil are not addictive, do not have accumulative properties, but are excreted from the body.

A well-chosen remedy will improve potency, increase the degree of desire and make sex longer, sensual and filled with pleasure. On the site ahealthyman.com there is a large selection of high-quality effective drugs to enhance potency, you can easily find a suitable option for yourself. Be sure and do not deny yourself the pleasure!