Product size change

Hey, I just got my order and my Wine Stix® are shorter than last time, what’s the deal?

Paul, thanks for the question and yes it is different with everything we make! We conducted a major evaluation of our dosage recommendations for our products and put out $80,000.00 worth of product in the Commercial Winery Business for usage. The average dosage for that amount of product was 50% of our recommendation. With this survey being complete and also noting that the average contact time was 9 months we then contacted several of our Retailers selling our product and learned that the average contact time was about 6 weeks. or the risk of over-oaking the wine could happen. We know that it takes about 8 weeks for the wood to “sink” so there was no way the Complexity of our toasting was being realized by home winemakers because the wines were being perceived as being properly Oaked to soon!

The real complex flavors of our entire product line comes from the “gradience toasting” we get due to the pattern we mill into our product so we decided to re-size the products to fit the task of giving a superior quality of oak to the wines and brews closer to the effects of a second use Barrel. 

When the proper contact time and dosage is being used wines are being made with “indistinguishable results” in blind tastings compared to the same wine treated in expensive cooperage! This is our goal.