Tank Systems


Wine Stix™ Tank Staves and Segments are excellent for tanks ranging from 30 gallon and up. The pattern in the wood when cris-crossed assures the Staves will not “stick together” with dead yeasts or tartrates so the need to place them in a holder or rack inside the tank is not necessary. Segments can be weighed out and match up any amount of wine and Variable Volume Tank lids will keep them “Wine Wet” or tie a fishing string to a sanitized, stainless steel or glass weight to sink them. This product works great in any tank with an 4” minimum opening, the Flextank Dexter style work excellent. Tank Staves are the slowest rate of extraction product we make so the marriage of Oak and Wine is gentle and complex. Dosage for staves and segments give 2nd use barrel flavors and aromas, adjust dosage accordingly. Segments soak up the wine quicker so you can expect a faster extraction time, approx. 2 months minimum. You can fine tune the oak addition by cutting down a Barrel Tether or using our bulk packaged sticks to match up the dosage to the volume of wine in your tank.

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