WineStix™ American Oak Tank Segments

segmentsWineStix™Tank Segments- NYS American Oak are Bordeaux Style as they are a combination of 40% Medium, 40% Medium Plus and 20% Dark Toast levels. Segments are a great tool to get in at Primary Fermentation, just put them in a mesh bag and add a weight to keep them below the cap. Hose them off with hot water at the end of primary, keep wet and continue using them during MLF and aging.

Dosage rate is 5.76 grams per gallon of wine, (576 grams per sleeve, treats 60 gallons) for new barrel flavors. .Not recommended for 3 to 6-1/2 gallon carboys, 15 gallon demi-johns or Kegs; they get stuck. (some of the pieces are 3” wide). The Oxygen barrier sleeves are great for storage of non-used segments.

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