WineStix™ American Oak Wine Segments – Small

segmentsWine Stix® American Oak Segments are bordeaux Style in that the blend is 40% Medium, 40% Medium Plus with 20% Dark Toast levels. This is a rich flavor combination that can truly shape up your “big” wines. Get them in as early as Primary Fermentation, just put them in a mesh bag and weight them down to stay below the cap for best results. Dosage rate is 58 grams per gallon, at 576 grams per sleeve they treat 60 gallons and 288 grams per sleeve treats 30 gallons for new barrel flavors.Not recommended for 3 to 6-1/2 gallon carboys, 15 gallon demi-johns or Kegs; they get stuck. (some of the pieces are 3” wide). The Oxygen barrier sleeves are great for storage of non-used segments.

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