WineStix™ For Carboys – American Oak


winestix-carboy-light-vert winestix-carboy-medium-vert winestix-carboy-medium-plus-vert winestix-carboy-dark-vert

Light Toast

Light Vanillin



Fresh Oak

Medium Toast

More Vanillin

Roasted nuts

Hints of Spice


Medium Plus Toast

Roasted Coffee




Light Chocolate

Hints of Leather

Dark Toast


Toasted Oak

Dark Chocolate

Subtle Black Pepper

"mixing toast levels and oak species is like having two different barrels"

“mixing toast levels and oak species is like having two different barrels”

"Puttin' em in"

“Puttin’ em in”

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American Oak Species have a greater aromatic potential than European Oak due to the high content of cis/trans isomers of methalOctalactone. American White Oak is easily identified by the low quanity of extractable polyphenols, the high methal-octalactone extractable polyphenols, the presence of two isomers of 3-oxo-retro-ionol.**

Footnote: **Am.J.Enol.Vitic.49-1-79-85 (1998)

American Journal of Enology and Viticulture

One stick for 5-6 gallons, Good for two seasons, when done with season’s wine keep the wood wet and scrub with a stainless steel (sanitized) brush; keep wet and double wrap with plastic stretch wrap and freeze. Thaw and put in the next wine. This will give 2nd season barrel type extractions and flavors. (You can buy bulk sticks with WineStix® milling and build your own flavor profile! Click on products to get them.)

Less Wood. Less Cost. Excellent Results.

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