WineStix ™ Tank Staves – American Oak

stavesWe begin with Northern American Oak, properly seasoned and toasted to perfection.

Use one Wine Stix™ Stave per 30 gallons of wine for 2nd use Barrel flavor;            4’’ opening required. Dimensions are ½’’ thick x 1-1/2’’ wide x 34’’ long.
Can be tethered accordion style; be sure to “weight them down to sink below the cap”.

Properly seasoned Wood with the “Wine Stix™ milling” that allows short grain impact (as in spirals, beans and cubes); and long grain complexity in the same piece of wood!

Good for two seasons, when done with season’s wine keep the wood wet and scrub with a stainless steel (sanitized) brush; keep wet and double wrap with plastic stretch wrap and freeze. Thaw and put in the next wine.

Less Wood. Less Cost. Excellent Results.


"Putin' em in a Flex Tank Egg"

“Putin’ em in a Flex Tank Egg”

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