WineStix™ Tank Staves – French Oak

stavesWe begin with Allier French Oak, properly seasoned and toasted to perfection.

Use one Wine Stix™ Stave per 30 gallons of wine for new Barrel flavor; 4’’ opening required. Dimensions are ½’’ thick x 2-7/8’’ wide x 34’’ long.
Can be tethered accordion style; advise tank size, gallonage and desired impact of flavor. Works excellent in VV tanks and FlexTanks!

Questions, concerns, and special packaging requirements welcome! Please call or e-mail.

Properly seasoned Wood with the “Wine Stix™ milling” that allows short grain impact (as in spirals, beans and cubes); and long grain complexity in the same piece of wood!

Good for two seasons, when done with season’s wine keep the wood wet and scrub with a stainless steel (sanitized) brush; keep wet and double wrap with plastic stretch wrap and freeze. Thaw and put in the next wine. This will give 2nd season barrel type extractions and flavors.

Less Wood. Less Cost. Excellent Results.

"Putin' em in a Flex Tank Egg"

“Putin’ em in a Flex Tank Egg”

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